The I/O tool to lay, track and release Strategic Information over Branding, Marketing, and Media Communication.

Every Company is different. We build Custom Systems and Modules to let you securely store, update, retrieve and internally share Strategic Information about your Crucial Operations.

Brands that use CLARITY

Crucial Texts & Numbers / Input & Output
CLARITY lets you gain full control over the stream of information that makes your very Company. It is particularly helpful to have a further and clear vistas/reports of allocated budgets and actual expenses on all Advertising Channels.

Capillar Control over Branding, Marketing and Media Communication
Forever gone are the times where Advertising meant a flyer or few lines on a Magazine. Each of your Brands, Products, Services has its own peculiarity and fine targets; every Company can today enjoy the power of reaching Segmented Audiences on a plethora of Platforms: CLARITY lets you define your unique path for the perfect Media Strategy and keeps your Company on tracks - so to spend less and gain more - over all different Campaigns.

Reports for unlimited Users. No one left behind in your Company.
Each Company on CLARITY elects its DataMaster (DM), the Admin that creates records. The DM can invite unlimited Users and grant them access to Reports. CLARITY Reports contains tidy, ordered pieces of strategic information in their ultimate and official version. This means that if your Company hires - let's say - an external Social Media Manager, he/she can do the job with ease, and reducing the real-time interactions with the HQ. Whatever he/she needs for the task is on CLARITY.

For Marketing Directors and Digital Strategists
Single DataMaster Account
✓ The Perfect Team-mate:
Complete Descriptions & Knowledge of:
✓ Brands
✓ Markets Extension
✓ Vision
✓ Mission
✓ Promise
✓ Values
✓ Target
✓ Positioning
✓ Competitors
✓ Audiences
✓ Narratives
And much much more.
For Global Companies involved in Multi-Channel Advertising Campaigns
Everything in "Personal" plus:

Unlimited access to Reports and Briefs for any number of Team/Company Members
✓ Tech Support
For Companies with their unique vision of Marketing
Everything in "Team" plus:

Budgeting, Allocated & Actual Expenses Analysis
✓ Early Access to any Extra Feature
✓ Prioritary Premium Support

Our most Frequently Asked Questions
What is CLARITY? CLARITY.Management is a online I/O tool that helps you maintain control over the insane amount of information necessary nowaday to operate Branding and Marketing Operations.
What is the pricing model for Clarity? CLARITY comes to a very cheap monthly fee for a Personal Account and scales up with unlimited records, users and support/maintenance and custom module development.
Why should I use CLARITY? CLARITY offers many unique features that help you shine on your job.
How do I start using CLARITY? Onboarding to CLARITY is easy. Just drop us a line to and we will setup your Company Account and guide you through the process.
How does CLARITY work? Each Company in CLARITY elects a "Data-Master" ("DM") from its Marketing Team. The DM is the "Admin User" in CLARITY and uses it to take note, officialize and organize all pieces information that will be publicly shared, printed, published over all Communication Media and Campaigns. CLARITY allows for a very granular description of each part of a business (Brands, Narratives, Audiences, Targets, Suppliers, Channels, Environments, etc). Every Environment can be described textually and numerically, then CLARITY will constantly report you where you are going, how much and where you are spending most, etc.

What CLARITY users say
"Clarity is something that is easy to loose and must be managed. CLARITY (the SW!) is the perfect team-mate. It enforces Clarity in all my procedures."

"It's easy now. I can count on CLARITY. And I got more confident on my job."

"CLARITY asks me the right questions and serves me the right answers every time me and my team need them."

"If it's written on CLARITY, then it's the only piece of information I can trust."

"Without CLARITY, I would have quit my job."

"Thanks to CLARITY I have been able to go to maternity leave without leaving my colleagues in trouble. All my knowledge is few click away, any time, available to anyone in my Team."